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Inventors’ Interview

Inventor interviews published by Woven City Press.Vol.1

Woven City is an exploratory mechanism, an integrated system of various elements, all working together to weave the future fabric of life. This unique structure composed of Toyota group developers, partner corporations, startups, entrepreneurs, and residents of all ages exists to develop inventions that benefit all people in their everyday lives. Everyone living in Woven City is an inventor, jointly devoted to helping realize innovations that benefit all people. These diverse pioneers are encouraged to imagine ways to make life better, easier, and more enjoyable for all. Imagine if your dreams could become reality.

How would you improve society?
What can you imagine to enhance well-being for all? Unleash your creativity as you think about the possibilities within the exciting experiment of Woven City.

  • Toyota Group Developers Infotainment Team

    20230210_02 interview

    Mobility of Information Enables the Lifestyle of the Future

  • Start-ups/Entrepreneurs Takamitsu Ikoma ICOMA Inc. CEO/Product Designer

    20230210_01 interview

    Spreading the Joy of Mobility

    Ikoma is an inventor who has taken part in the exhibition project held at Woven by Toyota. He has not yet decided whether he will join the Woven City pilot test being set up in the city of Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Engineers who support the Inventors’ Interview

Interviews with the engineers that support inventors, published by Woven City Press Vol. 2.

All inventors face challenges regularly. How does the Woven City mechanism support inventors and help them address these obstacles when they arise?

We interviewed two of our engineers to find out.

  • Woven by Toyota Ayami Suzuka
    Marouane Boumeziane

    20230831_01 interview

    An environment free from common obstacles empowers inventors to focus on bringing their ideas to life

  • Woven by Toyota Shoya Kojima

    20230831_02 interview

    Virtually Replicating the World to Accelerate the Problem-solving Process

Voices that connect our history to our future (bringing us together)

Voices that connect our history to our Future, published in Woven City Press Vol.3.

Behind the origin of Woven City is the desire to work for others.

We interviewed former employees who helped bridge the past and future of the Higashi-Fuji Plant, and members of Woven by Toyota who are currently working to build the future.

  • Toyota Motor East Japan Kazuyoshi Sakaki
    Takaki Nagatani

    20240327_01 interview

    The Cornerstone of Woven City: Reflections from the Higashi-Fuji Plant

  • Woven by Toyota Sho Mizuno
    Tatsuya Ota / Remi Ono

    20240327_02 interview

    How Woven City Connects to the Future