Help us build the future fabric of life in a real-life mobility testing ground!
We want to partner with people who are as thrilled as we are to work on a mobility test course of the future.

Success starts by celebrating and fostering our team member's individual skills, talents, and ideas.

Our Vision

Expand mobility Enhance humanity Engage society
Completion image of woven city (Susono city)

Our Mission

Building the Future Fabric of Life in a City as a Test Course for Mobility
Completion image of woven city (Streetscape)

Woven City is a test course for mobility to realize our dream of creating well-being for all.

Starting from Susono by Mt. Fuji, we will conduct trials of new ideas for systems and services that expand mobility and unlock human potential.

Here we will build the future fabric of life.

Woven City
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Our Values

We respect
Our Goals
Understand, empathize, permeate, execute, and realize our common goals
Giver Mind
Propose from yourself, be transparent, always start from “For Others” perspective
Listen to diverse opinions, think first / middle / last impressions, and find better ways
Be flexible to changes with positive mindset, and learn from failure.
Take everything as an opportunity for growth, work proactively, and constantly evolve!
Each other
Never be bound by your own role, support each other, and enjoy the growth of your team and yourself.

How We Work

We strive to achieve lifetime employability.

We encourage flexiblility and a positive mindset, and together we will learn from our failures, and take everything as an opportunity for growth.

Although we value the attitude of working together as a team, we want every employee to enjoy their own professional growth.

We Are Woven -
Many Threads,
One Woven

We respect and welcome all people - regardless of age, race, nationality, gender or religion. To us, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) means interlacing the multicolored threads of unique experience and knowledge that diverse individuals bring to our mission.

Our Team

  • Mobility

    In a city that is also a living laboratory, you will get to design and engineer mobility services that will make this world a better place.Join us to conceive, plan, and launch cutting-edge technologies such as safe autonomous driving and conduct experiments to test and improve products and systems for the future.

  • Food & Agriculture

    Employ a unique research ecosystem to explore new ways to proactively integrate next-generation food and agriculture technology with other services such as infrastructure logistics and social services.

  • Woven City Experience

    Use one-of-a-kind technologies like Digital Twin to turn ideas into reality and uncover meaningful and unexpected connections between people, technology, and the environment.


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  • We hosted our first Woven City Tech Meetup - Backend!

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